Jul 11, 2009

Yakitori restaurant in Yokohama

The chef is making yakitori
Yesterday we ate out at our favorite yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant.
We like sitting at the counter to see the chef's cooking.

At first, we ordered drink. I usually drink beers, and my boyfriend likes sweet drink. Today he ordered fresh orange and litchee taste cocktail with soda. So sometimes, the waiter brings me the sweet one and beer to my boyfriend. (* v *)

And the small dish is antipasto. When you go to the izakaya(pub? bar?) style restaurant in Japan, they usually serve small dish at first and it costs 4-5 dollars usually.
In this restaurant, they serve grated radish usually and it's very delicious.

Then, we made orders of food. My boyfriend lacks decision and I choose very quickly always, so I decide where we go to eat, and what we eat. I cannot wait him...

Torikawa, yakitori
This Torikawa (the skin of chicken) is the most popular menu in this restaurant. They grilled them five times in three days. They are very crisply and spicy.

Tomato with pork, yakitori
And tomato rolled in sliced pork.

Fresh vegetables
We always order this dish of vegetables. It makes us fresh!
mayonnaise, miso and salt for vegetables
My boyfriend use these seasonings with vegetables, but I don't need any.
I like to enjoy its own fresh taste.
But the miso seasoning was with garlic flavor, and it tastes pretty good. So I put the miso on the gohan what I ordered at the last.

Tsukune, yakitori
My boyfriend's favorite yakitori, tsukune(ground chicken). I know he likes it, so I order it always.

Karaage, fried chicken
And my favorite Karaage, fried chicken with special sauce of this restaurant.

When we finished all of dishes above, our stomach were almost full. But I cannot stop eating without rice..

So I ordered gohan at the last.
It's delicious as always.

I ordered one more drink, and actually, we ate two more yakitori.
And the cost of this dinner was about 50 dollars.
I think this is usual price for Japanese izakaya restaurant. If we drink more, it should cost more.
So when we went for a drink with my friend from Germany, he got and drank some cans of beer before go to the restaurant to reduce the cost.
In Japan, it's not prohibited to drink outside. But of course, we don't drink while walking.

When you come to Japan, I'd like to tell you some good restaurants! Please ask me (* v *)!!!!
The menu and seasonings


Nadine said...

Mmmmm...it all looks delicious, and really interesting because I've never been to Japan! :) Thanks for sharing!

Veronica said...

Wow that looks so yummy. My big brother would love that meal. He is a chicken fanatic lol =)

Laura Laurent said...

Sounds really delicious! I live in the U.S. but my grandmother is from Japan and she taught me how to make kaarage, it's my favorite dinner to make :)

Sew Diva Diane said...

First of all, I love your handwork! you do a beautiful job. I also enjoy reading about your life in Japan. Please continue to tell us about your life in your country.

Kitty Baby Love said...

Oh my goodness that looks soooooo good!
That's so funny the relationship between you and your bf- you are like the guy and he is like the girl X]

T said...

I love visiting your blog. Your needlework is beautiful and I enjoy reading your explanations - you do a very good job of writing in English.

The restaurant sounded yummy and made me hungry for Japanese food!

mairuru said...

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for these beautiful comments.
I really happy to see them. I feel very happy.
Eating, sewing and reading is my life! Thank you!

malinda said...

oh that looks so good! I cannot wait to get to Tokyo!!

I have an uncanny knack for finding the yakitori restaurants. we went to one place in Shibuya on our 1st trip to tokyo that I love - they did hot pots (the osaka style flat metal pans) and yakitori. Only the manager spoke english and he seemed VERY concerned that we would not like the food - he almost wouldn't seat us at a table. Once they figured out we were not going to be squeemish about what we were served, the staff brought us better and better food.

soooo hungry for yakitori now!

Jannette said...

What great pictures.. They make me feel hungry just by looking at them!!

Grasshopper said...

i love reading your blog - you are amazing! i am visiting japan soon to visit my mom and dad in niigata. i will be in chiba, kamakura, odawara, nikko, and of course, niigata. do you have recommendations for some good craft/fabric stores, thrift stores, and restaurants in those areas?

mairuru said...

In Kamakura, there is a famous fabric shop, SWANY. It is only 7-8 minutes from Kamakura station, and they have outlet floor. There are lots of beautiful fabrics. Please visit there.

And in Odawara station, there is a good bakery named "Hakone bakery". They serve good breads and pizza.

See you (* v *)!!!!!