Aug 21, 2009

Sew Mama Sew and fabrics from a friend

Sarubobo frame 1
Last month, I wrote an article for the blog of Sew Mama Sew.

I made a frame with Sarubobo and applique, and wrote the tutorial.
They corrected my English, so it should be better than here (* v *)!!!!!
Sarubobo frame 2

And today, I got a package from my friend, Emishimosato.
Fabrics from EmiShimosato
There are lots of beautiful fabrics. I'm really happy with them. I love her works and my mother liked her pincushion very much. Thank you very much Emi!

Tomorrow, I send three packages. One is for her, EmiShimosato, and the other is for my mother. She wanted linen fabric for her pants, so I got some for her.
The last one is for a friend who sent me Sew Hip magazines. I got a book and made a bag for her.
It's fun to make a package for someone special, isn't it?
I'm also making some petit gifts for customers now. I like making small, tiny objects, so it's the most delightful time for me!

And I'm writing the instruction to make the book cover. I think I can post it soon!

Have a good day and good weekend for you all!


Elyse said...

Your projects are so cute and whimsical! And that fabric is beautiful! =)

amrita said...

ho scoperto il tuo blog pochi giorni fa,ma ti seguo sempre.trovo i tuoi lavori belli,freschi,originali,graziosi.sei veramente brava!bravissima!

Anamaria said...

Hi Mai,
These are totally awesome! These would be great as a baby shower gift. Very unique! I am always amazed at your ideas!

Anonymous said...

Project is good. Can you give me some information about fabrics you used?


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Anonymous said...

Love what I see. Yes, I too love making lovely gifts for special people. You inspire me, Mai
Good weekend to you and family
I'm happy with my Japanese internet friend
Mena :)

evie said...

hi just chance upon your blog..i love your handmade things!!and thanks for some of your tutorials!! makes me feel like learning sewing too!..=)

Barbara said...

Hi Mai,I just found your blog via sew mama sew and I've spent the last hour happily reading through your beautiful archives. So much creativity and I'm so impressed that you sew everything by hand. I love the little sarubobo so much I think I will make some with my daughter tomorrow following your tutorial. Thank you for sharing. Bx

lexie said...

Inspired by your hand sewing, i have spent this week hand stitching a toy for my little boy. I am always making things on my machine, but i want to take some time and enjoy making things slowly. I have learned something lovely drom reading your blog. Thankyou x

Grace said...

Hello Mai, wow!! you are so talented! Hey, if at any time you wish to swap fabrics with me, please let me know ok? I'd like to get my hands on some Japanese Cotton and Tenugui... they are not easy to come by in Malaysia. And in return I can sent you some Chinese & Malaysian fabrics.

I have a new Craft Blog

jacqueline said...

Mai, i lovw your projects and tutorials! *hugz* YOur new fabrics look gorgeous...looking for ward to see what you make of them.
I hope you had a good weekend and lots of love to you!

Terri said...

I love your little framed people, what a fantastic idea!

Amanda said...

I know I'm late to this post, and new to the blog, but holy cow I'm making Pajamas with that same kitty cat fabric in the top left corner! *high five*

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