Aug 26, 2009

An idea to organize fabrics

Fabric pieces
I have little space for my fabrics, and most of them are in boxes.
When I make something new, I usually take upper fabrics in the boxes.
So sometimes I re-organize them all and notice I forget some fabrics in the bottom.

Today I got a good idea in my head for them.

At first, I cut recycled paper(some catalogs) in small pieces.
Then I cut the same size piece from my fabrics. I wanted to do it for them all, but some fabrics are not so big and I didn't want to cut them. So I cut maybe 80% of my stash.
Fabric pieces
At last I paste them on the pieces of paper.
I also wrote a note on the back, where I got them.
Fabric pieces

That's all!
I made about 150 pieces (* v *)! It took 2-3 hours.

Fabric pieces
I ordered them in colors.
Fabric pieces
I can make combination of fabrics with them. I'll use them for making the kits of Sarubobo pincushion.

Fabric pieces
I also made pockets to put them, also using catalogs( I like them because they are hard and I have lots of camera catalogs).

How do you organize your fabrics?? When I make something with patchwork, I always make them messy.

By the way,,,
Today I went to see Bo-chan, and he was quite well. Whenever I go to him, I can meet new people who also came to him. He has much more friends than me!


shayzamn said...

What a wonderful idea! Right now I have the same problem - I forget what's at the bottom of my boxes of fabric. I have it sorted by use - whether for patchwork, for costumes, and fleece has its own box - but this is a great way of keeping track of what you have.

Tatkis said...

Great idea! I suppose, that I would make such cards soon :) Thanks a lot!

Jewel said...

The way I do it is... I have large plastic containers and the fabrics are folded neatly to fit standing upt with just a bit of the fold showing like a file cabinet. They are ordered by color and the containers are labeled by color. THen I choose a container open it and can see all of the fabrics I have in that color at once. I love your idea of having cards and it would make them easy to take with you to match at the store.

→lisa said...

Oh, I just have them folded in big stacks in a cupboard, roughly by color, but not very highly organized. Your method is such a good idea, maybe I will have to try it.

Another similar idea would be to use divided plastic sheets that you can keep in a notebook. Like this:

Anonymous said...

I love to read your blog every day. You are so nice and very talented! I'm glad Bo-chan was well. I also think he is beautiful! Best wishes -- Dianne B. in England

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your blog, daily!
Love the way you write, and thanks for sharing your good ideas
I'm pretty disorganised !
Glad to be your internet friend
Mena :)

Grace said...

Wow! Mai, that is a lot of fabric! I recently last month organised my fabrics too (it was in boxes before as well :p). I bought a tall shelved cupboard from Ikea and stack the fabrics nicely on the shelves.. so i can see the ends of the fabric and can easily choose what i want to use.

I love Bo-Chan, he is almost the same as my Scout-Chan ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great idea.
And thank you for the Bo-chan update. I was bit worry about him. Please give say HI to him for me next time.
Thank you.

Pikku Possu said...

This is a great idea :)
I'm not really good in organizing anything so my fabrics are all over the place :D
The most precious and beautiful fabrics I keep in a large plastic box, and whenever I want to sew I take them all out and scatter them on my kitchen/bedroom/living room floor (I have a very small studio apartment).
Then I just fold them back into the box, and couple of days later take them all out, and fold them back in...
Other fabrics I just stuff in big plastic grocery bags and keep them in the closet. But it's difficult to remember what fabrics there are so I defenetely need a better system.

Cookie Cutter said...

A great idea! You are so organised! I'm ashamed to say I just keep them stashed in boxes/containers, lumped one on top of another.

Helena said...

I see your sarubobo and i made one. I put it on my blog. I'll came to see often your work that I love, but my english is so bad that I prefer not to write any comment. But i must congrulate you specially because you can really say that is all hand made.

Jamie said...

oh, my! You are so organized. This is a brilliant idea! You have many creative ideas. Thanks. Jamie V in MT

Anonymous said...

I know this may be a late post as all may have already found a easy way to organize but I decided in my sewing room to take advantage of the Doors in my room . A Show rack has 30 pockets , you must use the plasic show holder, and stick each fabric in the pockets and if you have similar type of fabric you can roll them up and put two or three in a pocket. I have 2 Shoe racks on each closet door and it works great as you can see all your peices and none are forgotten. And you didnt have to buy any more furniture or use up any space on your desk. Happy Sewing said...

It can't work in actual fact, that's what I think.