Dec 17, 2009

My new phone cases

I made new phone cases with the straps what I wrote in the previous post.
I wanted to show them like cat's tail (* v *)!!!!!

Cat phone case

I sewed the one end of the strap and put a button on the other side. So you can hang them in your bag(from the handle).
Cat phone case

I also put a pocket on the back.
Cat phone case, Brown linen

I hand embroidered their face with Sashiko thread.
Cat phone case, Black check wool

Cat phone case, Black linen
I used my favorite fabrics and buttons, so I enjoyed making them a lot.
When you use your favorite materials, don't you feel happy? These days, I'm happy to sew linen and wool fabrics.

I'll list them on my ETSY shop (* v *)!!!!
See you !
Cat phone case, Black check wool


deros said...

nice like usually! bravo

venus said...

Mai, they're so adorable! You could even make mice bags. Too cute!

Tatkis said...

Oh, they are sooo nice!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

merry Christmas !!

Isadora said...

They're cute! You are very creative!!

Umatji said...

As you are my hand sewing hero - I thought I must tell you that I just finished hand sewing a lovely cooking crown as a gift for my neighbour. I do a bit of hand sewing but making this from start to finish as a gift was so lovely - I really enjoyed stiching with love and it looked great. Hope she liked it! i will post about it today i think! Thanks for the inspiration.

Umatji said...

and I linked to you as I think your blog is wonderful!

Umatji said...

linked with a giveaway!

Anonymous said...


Núr said...

What a great idea! :) They look so nice and sweet! :)

Maya Kuzman said...

So cute! You use such beautiful fabric for all your projects!!

Mom Wald said...

Every time you invent something new it is my favorite. I especially like their sweet little faces.

Have you seen that there is a new sewing machine that makes stitches that look like sashiko?

It sounds like fun, but will never be as good as Sashiko by hand, especially yours.

Kris said...

Oh, they're so sweet! What a cute idea!

Unknown said...

I like your little cat phone cases...the tails look really great!

Aras by Sara Cimino said...

Crazy & nice. I love it!
Che Belli!

Josse said...

I really liked your blog and all your things you done. It is fun to be able to reach to a totally different part of the world only by a computer, Merry Christmas from Sweden

Victoria said...

They look soft and cute , i like them a lot :D¡¡¡

Serendipity Handmade said...

Those are so cute!!!!

little t jane said...

oh! i love them...super cute! :D

BJ said...

I"m a huge fan of your blog! I love to see what you're are making and all the great photos you post! It's amazing that you hand sew everything. It would take me ages to hand sew, I really depend on my machine.

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