Jun 28, 2010

New fabrics for me and Tomato

I went to Yuzawaya last week and got some new fabrics for me and Tomato.
Yuwa fabrics from YUZAWAYA
These Yuwa fabrics are for our skirts.

Check fabrics from YUZAWAYA
And these check fabrics are for our dresses. With the rest of the dresses, I want to sew an underwear for my husband (* v *). (He is too shy to wear similar clothes)

baby pants
Today I finished pants for Tomato and my sister's newborn boy. The purple one is for Tomato. They're from a pattern of a Japanese book.

baby pants
The flower printed white fabric is Japanese cotton double gauze. It's so soft.
I made my tunic with the yellow fabric several years ago and it's very comfortable. So I chose it for my sister's baby.

I'm doing well and my belly getting bigger and bigger(Even though I gained only 3 kg).
I'm thinking of healthy food every day. This is a lunch of a day.
Japanese dishes
Miso soup, dried fish, Japanese pickles, cooked pumpkin and rice. They are very Japanese dishes. I didn't use any oil for them so they are very light.
We enjoyed this lunch a lot but there is a problem.
These Japanese dishes has too much salt... Especially Miso soup and fish and pickles were very salty. So I cannot eat only Japanese style dishes.

See you (* v *)!!!!


Unknown said...

Your lunch looks very healthy! I love the bowls you have served your lunch in. You certainly seem to be very busy with all your sewing!

Emer said...

I really love the little pants, they are so cute. And your lunch looks great also. Love Miso soup.

jenclair said...

Your preparations for Tomato make me smile. Continue eating healthy, creating, and dreaming of Tomato's arrival!

Evelyn said...

Those fabrics are lovely! Can't wait to see what you make from them. And the little pants...so cute! I wish we had double gauze in the U.S. I think I'd make all of my summer clothes from it!

Your lunch looks delicious, but I understand about the salt. Have you ever visited the Martha Stewart website? If not, you should look at all of her recipes. I bet you'll find something different to try! marthastewart.com :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, healthy food ... very good ... you inspire me.
Good choice of fabrics
All the best to you
Thanks for keeping up this journal which I look forward to.

your friend Mena:)

Anonymous said...

The pants are adorable, and I love all of your new fabric :)

Helena said...

Good work!
The first fabrics are fantastic!
What a energie you have! It's the food!!!
kisses from Portugal.

Gail said...

That looks great. Japanese food look too beautiful to eat at times.

Cerejeira said...

The pants are sweet!!!
Would you have pattern???

Raquel from J.C. said...

Lovely pants!!! They look very soft. And the food, a little bit too healthy, ask your doctor about healthy oils like olive oil

Angela said...

How do you have time to do all that you do??? Your food always looks so delightful. Tomato is a lucky baby.

Cookie Cutter said...

Japanese home cooked food warms my stomach and my heart! Take great care!

Amy said...

How cute! I love those little pants. I'm glad to hear you and Tomato are doing well. :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh, I love when you share little cuties with us! The panties are gorgeous! And the fabric too!

AyƮk said...

I love pickles and liked them even more when I was pregnant. Since all pickles are so salty, the best you can do (I think) is drink plenty of water. Whenever you have a pickle, drink a big glass of water!
Do you make your pickles or do you buy them? If you make them, do you have a recipe?
I am enjoying your posts about Baby's clothes. So sweet and so pretty.

jacqueline said...

Dearest Mai, im so happy to read that you and tomato are doing really well! I love these fabrics ~ really gorgeous picks! Your lunch photo is making me wanting to have some japanese food for dinner! Im just gald to be back visiting you and catching up on your posts on all the things i missed so far! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Unknown said...

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