Jan 19, 2018

How to make a Kogin embroidery bow

Now, let's try Kogin embroidery!
With this recipe, you can make a bow with a very simple Kogin embroidery.

This is a very simple, easy pattern.

For one bow, you need these items.

1.  a piece of 13cm x 6cm embroidery cloth, AIDA etc.
  I use 18ct cotton cloth for cross stitch.

2.  Embroidery thread. I use it for Kogin, but you can use DMC No. 25 embroidery thread also.

3. Needles for cross stitch.

That's all. Let's start.

  1. Start from the center line. Leave 3cm from the right edge, sew a line.
  2.  When you finished one line, go to next one. For this pattern, you only have to count 4, 2, 4, 2, ...  

  3. When you finish one thread, put the rest through the sewed line and cut it.

  4. When you finished Kogin embroidery, make the bow shape. At first, fold the upper and below edge.

  5. Then fold the side edges to the center, and sew it.

  6. Then, tie the center.

  7. Tie the center again with the embroidery thread.

  8. Put a pin on the back for a brooch, or hair elastic for a pony.

This is a very simple and easy recipe.
I'm happy if you want to try it.


Alhana said...

Excellent tutorial! Thank you very much for sharing. :-)

Nilg√ľn Komar said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I was so curious about it after you showed us your kogin embroidery in December. Now I can try too!