Jan 26, 2018

Handmade recipe, How to make an easy add on pocket

I wonder why girl's clothes don't have pockets usually. Most of pants have pockets, but skirts and dresses don't have them.
So my daughter cannot bring her hankies as they are.

So I tried several ideas and introduce you one of them, easy add on pocket.

It's easy to make and useful.

Here is what you need to make a pocket.

This picture shows the process briefly.

Let's start with pictures. Here are what I prepareed for a pocket. The smallert pieces are cotton tapes.

Fold cotton tapes in two and sew them on the top of the outer fabric.

Then, layer two fabric pieces right sides inside and sew the top and bottom edges leaving an opening at the bottom.

Refold it like the picture below and sew both  sides, the upper edge of the picture and the lower edge.

Turn it out from the opening.

And sew around the upper edge. You finished make a pocket!

It'll be reversible.

I put one on my daughter's dress what she puts when she goes to school.

I'm happy if you like this idea and it helps your daughter!
See you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maimuru.So glad to see that you are posting again!!Love your handmade items.So inspirational.Thank you.
Mari, South Africa

Elizabeth said...

I do like this pocket idea - and i think it would suit adult clothes too. I'm going to try one to put on linen trousers which have such tiny pockets I can't put anything in them - and I hate carrying bags! Thank you.

elmersmum said...

Dear May, I love your idea for an add on pocket! :>) Thank you for your pattern, I can easy follow it and will make some pockets for my winter jumpers to hold my hankies! :>)

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