Jan 10, 2018

An easy way to put a pin on felt.

I and my friends give handmade lessons to women and kids.
The preparation is hard , but fun. We three have different ideas, so the discussions cause us brilliant ideas sometimes.
This is one of them. We use the way when we make brooch with rosette or Kogin.

I used to sew a pin on a piece of felt.
With the way , you don't have to use needles.
Today I made an Onigiri brooch.

You only have to cut it twice.

Then put the pin through it.

We use a bonding adhesive or  a grue gun to attach on the back.

With the same way, I put a pin on a Kogin ribbon.

I hope this article helps you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you - that’s very helpful!

I have been reading your blog for years and was astonished to see how your children have grown. Time flies so quickly.

-Stacy in NC

Alhana said...

I didn't know you could attach a pin without sewing. Thanks for the useful tip & welcome back! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the simple instructions. When I find some time, I must try it.


Nilgün Komar said...

technically beautiful
Thank you

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you for this idea, it’s brilliant!
I stitched a safety pin onto my latest brooch, it works well but the stitching wasn’t great, as it was hard to put the needle through.
Next brooch I will definitely use this method. I will still stitch the felt as I don’t use glue.
I hope you will blog about more ideas in the future.
Hugs 🤗
Barbara xx