Feb 5, 2018

My daughter fractured her left shoulder.

Because a man fell down on her.
We went to a hospital soon, but the doctor couldn't notice her broken bone.
So she couldn't take good care for two days.

Because she didn't get better, I took her to the other hospital, and here, we found her bone broken.

Now she applied a plaster cast on her left shoulder, and cannot put her normal clothes.

So I took off the left arm of her underwear, and put a snap for easier changing.

And I took off the hood from her hoodie which she can put easily, but hooded clothes are  forbidden in her school.

It's the first time for her such a serious injury, but we tried to care her well.
If you have good ideas for her clothes, please leave a comment.
Thank you!


Jen L said...

Oh no! I think you have a good idea with the snaps. I remember that my grandmother once made long sleeve tops with snaps all the way down the sleeve. Velcro would work too. I'm not quite sure how to do that with pre-made clothes, but if you can make sleeves, that might be an option. I hope your daughter heals soon.

mairuru said...

Thank you very much! It's great idea! I'll try sleeves.

elmersmum said...

Hi May,
It is so cold so I was thinking about how your little girl could wear a thick jumper with long sleeves to keep her warm. You could cut an opening from the sleeve of her jumper, beginning from the cuff all the way up to the shoulder and sew in a long zipper whch is easy to open and to close. You can also unpick the sleeve a little bit to make it eeasy to put on her jumper and then tie the opening with a satin ribbon bow. Hope your little girl will soon heal!

mairuru said...

Thank you. Miyu is getting used to her inconvenient arm. Now she can put her outer without any addition. But if she feels cold, I'll try your idea.

Nilg√ľn Komar said...

Get well soon

mairuru said...

Thanks for your many comments! I read them all. I'm so happy.

Aaron Stark said...

Hello mate niice post