Feb 2, 2018

We gave a Kogin embroidery lesson at Yokohama

The day before yesterday, we gave a lesson to mothers.
It's the first Kogin lesson for us. All of them are new to Kogin embroidery, so it was hard for them counting and stitching.

They managed to finish the brooches and hair bows.

During the lesson, my son waited with ipad.

Because it was so hard to finish in 2 hours, I'm thinking of easier design and made this.

It'll be a bow like the next photo.

It's hard to think of lessons, but very interesting to sew with many people. Last year, we gave more than 10 lessons of sewing, paper crafts or Origami.
This Sunday, we'll give an Origami lesson for kids.

Both of Sewing by myself and working with friends are interesting.

These are what I finished in these two days.

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Nilg√ľn Komar said...

congratulations are all great