Feb 18, 2018

Nogeyama zoo in Yokohama

Today I went to Nogeyama zoo with my son, Kou.
The zoo is of the Yokohama city and admission free. It's only 10 minutes far from our house, so we often go there.

Kou likes giraffes very much. Today it came near him and looked at him.
He likes using the guidance phone, but I never put coins... But whenever he found it, he enjoyed it.
We took a rest at a bench, with Japanese sweets. The face ones are ningyo-yaki, the inside is anko, sweet beans paste.
The green package is onigiri-senbei, onigiri-shaped rice cake.
Kou likes onigiri-senbei very much.

What he wanted to see was penguins.

Miyu and Kou like to touch with animals and this zoo has such a space. People can touch with mice, Guinea pigs and chickens.

At last, we saw a red panda was sleeping such a high position of the tree.
Please don't fall down...

Today I showed you a small zoo in Yokohama. It's very small and there are not so many kinds of animals.  But it's very interesting to show and to touch with animals.

See you!