Apr 24, 2008

A festival of street performance

Last weekend, I went to a street performance festival in Yokohama.
There are many performers on the street.

I like this guy who does juggling and performance of bycicle. He jumped over 5 persons by bycicle.

There was a woman who danced with a doll.

And there was a girl who wore a costume like japanese manga. Her juggling was so-so but her story was interesting. She chose one of audience for her partner, an elder man, and talked to him as a girl and called him a name of girl("Umeko").

In another street, there were some jazz performances. There are many jazz bar near this street and they are local musicians. So the sense of unity between performers and audicence was really good.

There was a little girl who helped a street shop to sell "mochi"(sticky rice cake). I bought one from her. I liked her thanks in a loud voice. There were some children who helped their parents.

I enjoyed the festival with my boyfriend and our digital and film Nikon cameras. The photo of live performance is of the film camera.


Starky86 said...

I love the first photo!

cutfingerproductions said...

Hi Mai! Thanks for taking us with you! I thought it was funny you said the woman's juggling was so so but her story was interesting!:) I also liked the children helping their parents. The guy jumping people with his bike was a great shot too!

mairuru said...

Hi laura,
The jumping guy's photo is taken by my boyfriend! He took good shot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I know now what happens in Japan
Recently we had the 'Bon Odori' festival celebrations near my house