Jul 2, 2009

Hana drawstring bags

hana drawstring bag
I made two drawstring bags yesterday.
I hand embroidered flowers with Sashiko thread.
This yellow fabric is what I got about 10 years ago. I made my shirt with it (* v *).
hana drawstring bag
hana drawstring bag
I like their shape. It's easy to make. I'd like to write here how to make the drawstring bag next time.

I also made some patchwork bias tapes and patchwork strings for a custom order. It takes much time but I like making them very much. I'd like to share my favorite fabrics with other people who likes sewing.
patchwork bias tape 3
patchwork string 2

Fortunately, I have orders every day these days. I could go to see Bo-chan every day and he is quite well.
Bo-chan and me

The owner of Bo-chan likes flowers. So there are lots of flowers near him.
I love this purple!

These leaves are cute!
Cute leaves
I also love this little pink flowers.
Pink flowers

He can see many flowers. Also there is a small river in front of him and there are lots of cherry trees by the river.
I hope he could end his happy life there.
Thank you very much for everyone, I talked to him your kind words. He seemed like listening my words.
Bo-chan and me

Oh, I'd like to show you cute cats at last.
They are cats live near Bo-chan(One is in the window). The owner of this house has two cats in house, and she also feeds some cats live near her.

I'm happy to see many dogs and cats around my house.


fleur said...

e your blog very much! Thank you for sharing!

Isadora said...

Your drawstring bags are really cute, and I loved the story of the little dog. He must be happy to receive so much affection from you!

Alexandra said...

Bo-chan is my favorite! I love dogs, and that's why I have three. I also really like your Cat-Eating-Fish and Rabbit-Eating Carrot pouches. It would be wonderful if you posted instructions for those.

Ali said...

Mai, these drawstrong pouches are just lovely - yellow is my favourite colour!

Hello Sandwich said...

so super kawaii! I love bo-chan! And also your drawstring bags and especially your bias binding! WOW! You are so patient! I love love love!
Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Nahéma said...

this is a wonderful blog, I love the sarubus

Janis said...

I love reading your blog. You are so creative and sweet. I can't wait to get the directions on the drawstring bag.

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!
I'm happy to share my days with you from all over the world.
Have a happy summer!

Kyoko said...

You can see Bo-chan on the way to (or back from) the post office??? :D
Wishing you have an order(s) everyday!!

june at noon (Gretchen) said...

You always choose such pretty fabrics, and the embroidery is sweet too!

Anonymous said...

oh, such sweet things you make! :D

Yarni Gras! said...

such lovely photos.......Bo -Chan looks very pleased with the attention you give him :-)

Anonymous said...

I love drawstring bags. Bo-Chan has a good friend in you, Mai

Darren Demers said...

He can see many flowers. Also there is a small river in front of him and there are lots of cherry trees by the river.
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