Jun 29, 2009


Bobo - box
Today I made two fabric boxes with sarubobo plush.

When I make new items, I usually make two or three ones because to reduce the cost. It takes less time than making only one item.
Bobo - box

But this time, I made a mistake. (* - *)

I wanted to put this purple flower printed fabric on the purple gingham check!
Bobo - box
I wanted to put this red flower printed fabric on the red gingham!!!!
Bobo - box

I realized it when I finished one box.
I had no energy to unstitch my one hour work...

Then I put a sarubobo plush on each top. I didn't put the little sarubobo on the red.
Bobo - box
It's my boyfriend's advice. The red one seemed to want something in it's hands.
But now, I feel the purple one lonely.
I'll make other baby for it too.
Bobo - box

Ciao !!!!!


Jesselyn said...

The red one looks so precious, like a parent holding up their baby!

Umatji said...

I love them - the little figures are fantastic - they look deceptively simple - are they?

Laura Laurent said...

So kawaii! How did you make them??

little t jane said...

Precious! Just darling!!! :D I agree the first one reminds me of a Mama & baby playing together- so sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I love yours sarubobo so much. They look as alive. I think I shall try to do something similar!

karin said...

I think that your mistake turned out really nice. I kind of like it when you find unexpected colours or patterns in a piece. And that little mama with baby is just too cute!

Ahipara Girl said...

Dear Mai, I loved visiting your site. It's amazing. I love sewing by hand too, machines confuse me and don't behave. I have spent the better part of an hour going through your pages. I need to do this properly one day, so have added you to my favourites list. Your English is awesome. I am impressed because I don't speak another language. You can check me out at http://ahiparagirl.blogspot.com and today I put in an excerpt based on your page "My dream is ...". You are very generous to share so much of yourself and your creativity here on these pages. I too love simple stitches. My embroidery is rough but I am self-taught and that is ok too. Happy creating and lovely stories here. I enjoyed myself. :)

mairuru said...

Thank you, thank you very much for visiting here.
And thank you very much for sharing your beautiful dreams.
I'm really happy (* v *)!!!!!

Yarni Gras! said...

very cute!

wardstorms said...

Hi There,
I just found your blog and I love all the fun stuff you are making. These little boxes are so cute, I'd love to try to make one.

Anonymous said...

I happen to stumble onto your site!
I love it, and I love your work!!

Sam said...

i love the red one with its little baby! too cute!

Anonymous said...

hehehe ... no worries about mistakes ... they are lovely mistakes
Your boyfriend is helpful
I like the way to express yourself, and your honesty

Tanjas Traumberg said...

Hi from Germany!

I'm surfing your site for hours right now! You make so fantasic little things, I can't stop!

I tried the Sarubobo tonight and it did work out fine for the first time. I will show it on my "Montags Macher" link list on Monday.

But your mother with baby is just adorable. Great work! If they don't have a home jet, let me know! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love your works. I'd like to make a pencil case for my nephew to meet yr blog. Thanks so much. love yr creative ones