Aug 18, 2009

My holiday with my family

I stayed at my parents house for 4 days.
I enjoyed the stay with my little niece, my grandmother and my parents cats (* v *).
The two cats are what my younger sister found on the street for about 10 years ago.
My parents cat, Milk.
The elder sister, Milk likes sitting on the computer, only when someone is using it.
This picture is when I and my mother were doing exercises watching Youtube. But she interrupted us..

Milk in the sun.
She likes sitting there, in the bathroom. Because of the sunshine, it is very good place to sleep.

Pucci in the sun
This is younger cat, Pucci. She is always sleeping...
My parents cat, Pucci.

My grandmother and my niece
They are my grandmother and my niece. My niece was wearing the pants what I made for her. It was a little big for her, so I made another pants during the stay.
My niece wearing pants what I made for her
These pants were what I made for her with the same pattern. It fits her well (* v *). I also made scrunchies for her hair.

A day, we went to an old style town.
A shopping street in Shiga
Beautiful street
There was a good shopping arcade and we enjoyed it very much.

We entered a cafe to take a rest and enjoyed their sweets.
These were made of rice and red bean paste.
The interior of the cafe was also good taste. It was lovely place.

A stream in the town
There was a little river in the town. The stream made us cool.

Old style umbrella shop
When I was walking my mother, I found an old style umbrella shop.
Petit umbrellas
There were beautiful little umbrellas. They all are made of wood and paper.

At the last day, we went a fair of foods.
There were lots of people and they were getting flowers.
A shopping arcade near my parents house
While my parents were getting some foods, I got some fabrics in a shop in the fair (* v *).

A temple
Then we went to a temple near the fair. It was very quiet.
Little niece in a temple
My niece wanted to wash her hands by herself, but it was difficult for her. She got all wet.

I enjoyed my stay with my family a lot, especially with my little niece and my grandmother.
Also, I could get some new fabrics in a small shop. The shop is really good for me. They sell a piece of half yard in 50 cents or so.
This time, I found a beautiful piece of Liberty! It also costed less than 50 cents. I jumped and looked for other pieces, but I couldn't find more.
I don't know how they get the fabrics, but it was treasure box for me.

Thank you very much for reading this long post! I should prepare the tutorial of book covers!!!!


southerly posts said...

thank you for sharing your holiday and your family.

letters to opa said...

hi, i found your blog while i worked a night shift the other night, i read from dtart to finish!(it was a quiet night!!). i love to read your posts, you have a beautiful view of the world, and a calm that i can feel through the computer screen. The patience and skill you have to hand sew your projects is an inspiration to me.
It looks like you had a great time visiting your family. I too have family that live far from me and i look froward to travelling to see them so much, its like christmas!
Thankyou for your wonderful blog, i will stop by here often.

Adel said...

Your niece's pants are too cute!!! I just came back from visiting my family, too and it's great to see you had such a good time :D

carly k said...

I love your blog! I missed reading it while you were visiting your family. Your niece is darlin:)

Donna said...

I would be filled with joy if I found a piece of Liberty for 50 cents! Thank you for showing so many pictures of your visit--the old style town looks very interesting.

Isadora said...

Such lovely pictures, what a pleasant trip! You deserved that!

CĂ©leste said...

Such lovely pictures, it looks like you had a fun trip, the little umbrellas and the cafe look really nice!

julie said...

Welcome home! Thank you for sharing your holiday pictures with us. I am so happy that you had a special time with your Grandmother and Niece and also your Parents. The little pants looked so sweet on your Niece. What a lucky find at that treasure trove of a shop. Those cats sure do like to take over the house. Looking forward to your next tutorial.

jacqueline said...

Welcome back Mai! That is such a lovely vacation and im so happy to know you had a great time. :) Your niece is just soo cute! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Robyn said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! I love, love, love that white cat. I want a white cat so bad!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Mai. I loved reading about your holiday and time spent with your family.
You're inspired me to sew something for my mum. Her birtyday is very soon
I always look forward to reading new things on your blog.
warmest regards

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing it! ^^

Anonymous said...

Seems you had a very nice vacation. Your niece looks so cutee too!

Faye said...

Hi! I just found you recently through whipup and enjoy visiting your blog. thank u for sharing your inspiration and enthusiasm!!!

Cookie Cutter said...

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading and looking at the photos! feel like I'm in Japan once again :) Love the hanging decor in the shop!

Yarni Gras! said...

I love your photos and the stories you weave. You should write a book!
Thank you for sharing......and yes, I hope you share a tutorial for the drawstring bags, they are simply wonderful!

pam.ibanez said...

I loved your pictures of cats!
I have one, and she do the same things !!!

thesewingroomdiva said...


I found your blog today and I had a feast. l love those fabrics and I love looking at all the photos.

I will try the belly dance too.

I will drop by again. Looking forward to your drawstring bag tutorial.