Aug 5, 2009

My souvenirs for my family

Pants for my little niece.
On August 9th I go to my parents house to see my little niece.
My sister(her mother) lives near my parents house, only 5 minutes by car.

So I made some presents for her these days. One is this pants.
I made it with my favorite cotton linen and flower printed cotton.
I don't know the actual size of her, so I wonder if it fits her well.
Pants for my little niece.

Bird hanky
Then, I made this handkerchief. I thought the handkerchief didn't have to be square. So I designed it as a bird.
Bird hanky

I love using double gauze cotton fabric for baby or children. It is very soft and good texture.

Pincushion, EmishimosatoI also got petit gifts for my mother and my grand mother, from my friend's shop EmiShimosato. She makes beautiful quilts, but I don't have enough space to put them, so I got small things from her shop.

I like bringing something for my family. Maybe it's because only I live far from them.
Oh, but I always forget for my father and my brother... I think always for my female family...

Have a good summer!


Michele said...

Those are all so beautiful - I especially love the bird handkerchiefs!

Cookie Cutter said...

I love it that your handkerchiefs are not square!

Anonymous said...

Mai, you're so thoughtful. Your gifts are beautiful and meaningful too. Enjoy your time.

jacqueline said...

Those are very beautiful lovely gifts! Have a great time and lovely merry happy day! Love to you!

julie said...

What beautiful gifts you are taking to your family. Your niece will look so cute. Thank-you for the tute on the drawstring cube bags. I just love the bag.

grace said...

those r pretty gifts... i think it's easier to buy for ladies compared to men ya...thats y i too tend to buy for my female relatives than male :p

Spearmint Baby said...

those ruffle pants are just gorgeous! i have fallen in love :)) do you sell these?