Aug 19, 2009


Shingen bukuro 1
From yesterday, I made four bags.
One is for my grandmother, and one is for a friend who gave me Sew Hip magazines (* v *)!!!!

This is a style of drawstring bag. It is usually for men.
I like the simplicity.
Shingen bukuro 1
This white one is for my grandmother. She wanted to have a drawstring bag.

Shingen bukuro 2
Shingen bukuro 2
This blue flower one is for my friend. I think it fits her.

Shingen bukuro 3
Shingen bukuro 4
These two are new items for my shop.
I made them with the fabrics what I got in the travel.
Japanese cotton
American cotton
I also got some American fabrics. Now I'm thinking what I make with them. It's the most pleasant time for me. But these days, I got too much fabrics... Seeing the piles of fabrics, I'm very very happy!

See you (* v *)!!!!!


meena meena said...

the fabrics you use are always so perfect together!

MamaKnits2Much said...

Those are beautiful bags, and beautiful fabrics!

I know how you feel about your fabric stash. I went through my boxes and bags of fabric yesterday and got very excited about what I had. I love fabric!

june at noon said...

You are rich in beautiful fabrics. How nice! You have a very good eye for knowing which fabrics go well together. I especially love the lining fabric you paired with the first, white bag.

mouse said...

simple and beautiful :) I absolutely love your work!

Miriam said...

ooohh I love all your fabrics!!! Your bags are beautiful!

tiph said...

You pick such gorgeous fabrics!!
I just got a stack of fabric myself and the thrill of projects waiting to be made is magnificent! :)

A new reader to your blog - you have me hooked on the first post. Best wishes!

Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

Hi Mai! I love your work! Clean and simple with attention to detail. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Why am I NOT surprised at these beautiful creations?
Love them all :)

Annette Tait said...

I love the cats your sister has! and the gorgeous pants you made for your niece!
I'll be delighted to read your posts - love your work!

Anonymous said...

As usual, you are again nice with beautiful bags and fabrics.


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Karin van Dam said...

Those bags are great. As usual you picked some wonderful fabric combinations. I bet your grandmother was happy with her bag!

perches said...

these bags are beautiful! i love your work, it's very delicate, and your color choices are divine.

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