Sep 23, 2009

Black leather pass case

Leather pass case
I made a pass case for my boyfriend.
It's a birthday present.

Leather pass case
It's of a very simple pattern.
This shape is good to hold and the hole makes it easier to take out the card.

I found the design here and made the pattern by myself.

Leather pass case
I like the process of polishing the edge and the back.
I put CMC (a kind of glue) on the back, then polish it with glass or a tool for it.
It takes long time and I cannot get the feel for it, but I'm enjoying it very much.

I also plan to go for a trip with him to a small island near Tokyo. And I'll make a birthday cake and beef stew for him tomorrow.
I’m enjoying celebrating his birthday (* v *)!!!!

We enjoyed this grape tonight. I like the autumn very much because it makes many kinds of food taste good.


Kyoko said...

What a neat card case! You are becoming a professional, Mai!
Happy birthday for your boyfriend, he is a lucky man to have such a wonderful girlfriend like you. Enjoy the cake and beef stew and the trip to the small island! :D :D :D

by Connie said...

Your hand stitching on leather is so neat. Well done! Have a great birthday celebration, your plan for the day is perfect!

fleur said...

I also love autumn for its fruits! And your leather case is beautiful!

Ravenhill said...

Mai, you are amazing, another wonderful creation! I am sure your boyfriend will be both impressed and touched with your great gift!
~Emily xx

Muriƫl said...

Happy birthday to your boyfriend! Have a lovely day together!
You made him a beautiful gift.

Unknown said...

Hi Mai-chan,

It's excellent. And please say congrats to him. Do you include some hidden meaning to the design? Grape may have many meanings I think.

By the way, could you accept my order?
I have a pass case which I use in my office. I made it by myself but it's just a hack. I want to make it more sophisticated. I cannot show it to you now because it's in office and I taking rest until next Monday. I wanna pay enough to good work.
...but don't price too high it please. lol!

By the way again, do you know "Arts and Crafts Movement" in 19th century? I'm reminded it every time I see your pictures.

mairuru said...

Hello everyone,
Thank you very much! I'm just getting started it so I'm not sure of the result...
Now I'm baking a cheese cake with Oreo Cookies.

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

Hi Mai, enjoy your baking! :-) Good work on the case.

julie said...

Great work Mai, lucky boyfriend. Happy birthday to him. Enjoy your day on the island.

someone. said...

These are lovely!

I hope you two have a wonderful day together! ^_^)