Sep 6, 2009

Handmade stamps

Hi there!
I got new cutter knife for carving stamps yesterday.
I used to use normal cutter before and I couldn't carve well at all.

I also got some pieces of wood for stamp handle. I cut the rubber as the size of wood piece.

Stamp tools
These are tools what I use for stamps.
Cutting board, carving knives, my new cutter knife, wood pieces and rubber piece.

stamp making 1
At first, cut the rubber as the size of wood piece.

stamp making 2
Then draw the design on it. I directly draw it on the rubber with thick pen.

stamp making 3
Then I began carving from outlines.

stamp making 4
I finished it!
I want to stamp it on cotton tape and use it as a tag for my items.
I ordered some inks for fabrics and am waiting for them.

Enjoy handmade!


jacqueline said...

Mai these stamps are so cute! Great work. :) Looks really fun making your own stamps. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Laura Laurent said...

Those are amazing! I especially love the sloth and cat <3

julie said...

Mai, too cute.

spiced*candy(: said...

Wow super cute!! :D
I wonder why is your rubber so thin.... xD
I love the big blocks of eraser that they sell in Japan (specially for eraser carving) where you can carve huge images :D because the erasers we have here that are good for carving are only 3cm by 2cm ><

spiced*candy(: said...

and for transferring the image, you could draw the image with a pencil on a thin piece of paper, stick it to the rubber with scotch tape (the side that was drawn contacting the rubber) and rub really really hard so that the image gets transferred to the rubber ;) its more convenient like this than trying to write/draw backwards :D

Grace said...

Mai these are so cute! And you are creative! I have ordered my stamps for WhimsyLoft but it is not ready yet. I asked the shop lady to carve for me because I am afraid I will cut myself :p haha... right now I am using iron-on tags. I think your new tags are very cool!

quiltygal said...

Ohhh you are so clever Mai Ive only done this with potatoes when I was a kid!!

mairuru said...

Hello spiced*candy!
It's not eraser for carving, it's harder than eraser and it's difficult to copy the design like you told me. It's good way for eraser.
I've never tried big eraser for carving, but I'll get it and try it. Then if it's good for carving, I'd like to list it on my shop. It's not so expensive.

Have a good day!

mairuru said...

Hello Grace,
I carved only some stamps and have to practice more. But it's not so difficult if you have good design knife or cutter knife and good eraser / rubber. You don't need so much items, so please try it!!!!!

Katherine said...

These are beautiful! I love your blog!

Ellen said...

These are so cute! I should try this sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Mai, wow, something new and what a great idea
Thanks for sharing
I love your blog and look forward to new things
I know I won't be disappointed
Keep it up, friend
Mena :)

Tracey said...

cute stamps! i may have to try this sometime, it looks like fun. :)

Jo said...

I'd love to try it, what kind of rubber should be used?? And where can i get them?

Vertuta The Re-PSY-cler said...

can you share a secret - where did you buy the fabric ink from?

abringger said...

where i can buy this blue rubber???

jess said...

Love your designs!