Sep 19, 2009

SWANY and my new wrapping

SWANY in Yokohama
I went to SWANY with my boyfriend.
But it was 10 minutes before their closing hour, and I couldn't get anything. I just looked around the shop.

Marine tower
They have two shops in Japan, the main is in Kamakura, and the other one is in Yokohama, near this tower.

SWANY in Yokohama
There are many types of fabric in their shop, and also, they have lots of their original patterns.
In the shop, there are lots of their works with their patterns. We can get the patterns according to our purchases.

SWANY in Yokohama
Several days before, I sent a pattern of pants and black linen fabric to my mother. I love their linen fabrics.
Fabrics from SWANY
I also got some fabrics from their online shop recently. The white linen is for my clothing, and wool fabrics and cotton print are for my shop. They gave me a DIY kit of a pouch as a gift (* v *)!!!!

I'm getting too much fabrics recently... I should sew more and more.

Tags for wrapping
Yesterday, one idea came up to my head and I began to make these tags in the midnight.
I used my word card what I got to remember English words.
I paste a piece of Origami on them, and stamped my hand carving stamps.
I use them for wrapping my items.
It seems better than before.

From today, it's five day holiday in Japan. Today we went to a big public bath and relaxed a lot. There were many types of bathtubs, I also could sleep in a bathtub (* v *)!!!!!
Because I remain seated all day long, my legs are swollen badly. But thanks to the bath, my legs get better.

Have a good weekend to you all!


inci said...

Dear Mai-chan,

I loved looking at SWANY pictures! What a lovely shop! Is it like YUZAWAYA? I dream to go to one of the Swany shops next time I go to Japan. :) Kamakura and Yokohama are 2 places that I like most in Japan!

And I loved your tags! You're a very creative person and I love visiting your blog!

Keep up the good work! I'll be watching!

Becky said...

Love the tags! What is the 5 day holiday? My cousin is visiting your country right now. She flew there yesterday. Very excited for her!

Renee said...

Very nice tags. I love origami paper. so pretty!

Ravenhill said...

Dear Mai, your new tags are so pretty and original! I am sure they will be a big hit among your buyers! That fabric shop looks so enticing. I would love to go to a fabric shop in Japan, but that would be very dangerous for my bank account! I wish you a lovely holiday! Hugs from Emily xx

Helena said...

what a beautifull things! you've got a lot of inspiration, haven't you?

Unknown said...

Hi, Mai!

I'm slightly concerned because you do not update your Japanese blog for these few days. ... But you seems just update English, and maybe Italian pages. I'm comforted.

By the way, you finally, finally, finally! update BBS of Tsuru-ya. :)

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Your new tags are so nice.
Your blog is always a delight to visit. You have so much talent and inspiration.

Unknown said...

Hi Mai,
Please do not feel like as an oblige to update Japanese one.

By the way, there are so many pictures on this blog. Fine.

Don't you mind you bind your mixi RSS update to this one ?
At least, there is no problem and is rather convenient for Me ;-).

Or ask him to make RSS unify tool and use it for mixi? lol.

Unknown said...

Thanks. fine ♪

Unknown said...

By the way, you really just replace RSS with this blog's one ? wow.

Or are just your posts on Hatena not updated and applied to the mixi RSS updates.

mairuru said...

Hi Ryuichi,
I just replaced the RSS of this blog. I found the way in a blog (* v *)!!!!

I drank some glass of wine in Saizeriya. It costs only 100 yen per glass. I'm happy now!

Unknown said...

Haha. You Just wanted to change RSS but did not find the way!!.

I also saw the your twit on mixi and surprised its price. I knew Saizeriya provides things at so low prices but 100 yen is still surprising.


Anyway, I like Saizeriya's foods too, especially pizzas. They are low prises but worth to taste.

Anonymous said...

Discovered your website when I was looking for how to make birthday invites for my daughter's 1st birthday - not sure how.

I've read all your posts and I'm a fan of your work. You are simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Swany! But i'd be so spoilt for choice! I wish we had fabric shops like this in my town :( xxx

Cookie Cutter said...

I want to go to that shop!! Love the tags you created! Makes for lovely packaging details.

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