Jun 27, 2009

My friend "Bo-chan"

Bo chan
Bo-chan is always sitting in front of his house.
Mostly he is sleeping in cool breeze.

I first met him 3-4 years ago.
I first touched him only several months ago when I walked with my boyfriend.

I wanted to touch him every time I saw him, but I was afraid if he didn't want to be touched by so many people. Most of people who walk the street go to him and touch him.

But gradually, I realized he seemed pleased staying with people.
So I went to him, and touched him. He had never moved till when I touched him, but then he raised his head.
After that day, he began to raise his head when he noticed us.
We began to go to him two or three times a week and talk to him.

I like his smile.

I've never seen his bad face even if he has many trouble in his body. I heard from his owner that he suffered from urinary problems because of the weakness. He is twelve years old and is not in good health.

But he always seems happy.
He is always very calm and peaceful.
So we like to go to see him.

I wish he could stay there and meet many people as far as possible.

Thank you very much Bo-chan! You are one of our best friends!
Bo chan


Elyse said...

So incredibly cute!!

Kyoko said...

Urinary infection is usually fixed easily by antibiotics and may need to inject a lot of liquid to digest the bacteria. It is hard to get urine sample to take to the vet though. Maybe he gets infected often because of the age? I am so very sorry for him... Animals cannot speak how they feel, I hope I could hear what they think... Wishing the company between you and him will last for as long as possible.

Malinda said...

being an old dog is just as hard as being an old person. They need more love and care. Pet him a little extra for me next time.

Unknown said...

Hello Mai,
I love animals, specially dogs. I have two females.
Bo-chan is very beautiful and nice.
I hope he's fine. I'd like to know if his owner keeps him inside the house when it's cold, because winter in Japan is very hard, ins't it?
Thank you for the tutorial of the pot holder. I thought it's very beautiful and useful. I like very much everything you do.

Yarni Gras! said...

older dogs are prone to such things...but he seems to be happy. Having constant visitors must be wonderful for him....lots of loving attention. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember my dog (she isn't with us more) very old, very sick, but still loving and devoted. Our best friend.

Rane said...

Bo seams like a very sweet dog!
It is sad that he has to sit there
everyday. I wonder if he gets
bored? Maybe he would like a
dog bone to chew?
Maybe seting outside with little
walking is causing him to have
this infection? Maybe if you make
friends with the owner she/he
would let you take Bo for little
walks? I bet he would love it
and you can enjoy him, since
you can not have a dog. He needs
to be drinking alot too since he
is older. You can freeze water
into Ice and give it to him also.
It is very cooling for them and
they love it!!! I bet if you tell
the owner that you can not have
a dog but would love to take Bo
for a walk they would let you,
because he/she has to work at the
shop. Just make sure you clean
up after him.
Bo~chan honto ni kawaii desu ne!
Domo arigato gozaimasu!!

mairuru said...

Thank you very much everyone!
Today I went to see him and he was quite good. A little girl and her father, and a woman came there to see him. Then, a woman and a dog came there. Many people and dogs come to see him!

I heard from the owner that his mastle was so weak and he had difficulties to do urination. I hope he could walk more but it's hard for him. I want to move him more, so I go to him as much as possible. He moves when someone is by him.

Thank you everyone! I talked to him of these comments from all over the world today. (* v *)!!!!!

Santhy T. said...

I hope he'll get better soon. He's really a cute & lovely dog!

maud said...

Big hugs to Bo-Chan and to you. I love your blog. Take care :)

Rachel D. said...

Such a great story and a wonderful dog. Thank you for sharing it with us.

jmb_craftypickle said...

your blog is absolutely wonderful. I love how you share all of your projects. And I love your story of Bo-chan. I am bookmarking your blog because I love to come and visit "your world" Just lovely! Domo arigato!

shop tienda erotica said...

Quite worthwhile piece of writing, lots of thanks for the article.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading all your wonderful blog at one sitting! It's so lovely as you have many beautiful things that you have made. I had wondered whose dog Bo-chan was and now after reading this post I finally know! He is beautiful and you obviously care about him.

I enjoy seeing the cats on your blog too. You are a nice kind and caring person.

Your blog is really a lovely place to visit. I am loving reading it. Thank you.