Jun 17, 2009

Sarubobo mobiles

I made two style of Sarubobo mobiles.

Sarubobo mobile
The one is my favorite style, flying sarubobo.
I used my favorite frog print cotton for them. But it seems too green, so I added my favorite buttons on the cotton tape.
Sarubobo mobile
Sarubobo mobile

Today, I made more twelve sarubobo plushes with black and pink cotton fabrics.
I thought how to hang them, and decided to put a coin in their hands.
Sarubobo holding coin mobile

I hand stitched with Sashiko cotton embroidery thread on the coins, and tie them with linen code.
Sarubobo holding coin mobile
After I made them, I noticed that they coud stand also (* v *).
Sarubobo holding coin mobile

I made four mobiles with coins, so now I have four sarubobo plushes left.
Now they are watching me and saying to me, "What do you put in our hands?".


Lucy C said...

Congrats on some lovely mobiles. The first one is really cute, but I am in love with the second one. Thanks for sharing.

jenclair said...

These are so charming!

Unknown said...


Valéria said...

I've just found out your blog and I have to tell you, I'm just in LOVE with it. Everything you do is so charming. I've stayed here, looking your items for one and a half our, no stopping!
All you do is so dellicated. Congratulations! I'm sorry for my mistakes in english, but my feelings are real.
I love japanese culture, so your blog was a gift to me.
Thank you very much for sharing so many beautiful things.

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!
Today I finished more two mobiles.
Maybe I'll post it tomorrow.
Thank you Valeria for writing a comment in English! I'm really happy to read it.
My English has many errors. No problem!

golonghorns said...

Mai these are gorgeous and adorable! Sadly all I do is collect fabric as I have 2 toddlers keeping me too busy to sew. I am amazed at what you do. Also about the chili beans did you add spices to season? That may be why it was too light.

Wini said...

Hi, I love your gorgeous blog! Jacqueline recommended your blog to me. What a lovely fabric shop & bags! My favourite is the bag with the big blue leaf and pink checks. Could you please let me know the pattern number, as I would like to make this bag? Many thanks! Wini

mairuru said...

Hello Wini,
The pattern of the bag is on the book. So you cannot see the bag in the site. Also, you cannot get the pattern through the site. I'm sorry.
Thank you very much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before, but I adore everything you make. I will try and make a few sarubobo of my own! :)


Wini said...

Hi, thanks for your reply! What a shame about the pattern. I just realised that I posted my comment about the hand bags on this Sarabobo post instead of the handbag post, and I'm sorry about that! I love your Sarubobo, they are soooo cute :)

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!!!!

The Clear Umbrella said...

This is such an adorable mobile! I tried making one of the dolls, and I absolutely failed. But I'm going to keep trying! Thanks for the inspiration!

+_+ said...

hi there.
what a nice blog you got.
where can we get those cute stuffs haa??

mairuru said...

Hello The Clear Umbrella,
In which part, did you feel difficulties? Before you try again, please ask me!

mairuru said...

If you are interested in my items, please visit my ETSY shop!

june at noon (Gretchen) said...

These are lovely! What a great idea, so unique.

Britney said...

Hi, I was wondering, what kind of fabric did you use to make these sarubobos? I tried to make one with felt material from joann fabrics and it was cute and everything and i added my own twist to it but it wasnt quite the same and it was alot larger.

i like to make alot of sewn things for my boyfriend as little 'i love you' messages/gifts to remind him that im always thinking of him.

mairuru said...

Hello Britney,
I use Japanese cotton fabrics, not so thick. I've never made them with felt or thick fabric, but I think it's hard to make it in the size with thick fabrics.

Anonymous said...

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