Jun 9, 2009

Patchwork quilt Pochette for my little niece

Yesterday I made a little bag for my little niece.
I wanted to patchwork beautiful fabrics from Norway, my friend Ravenhill.
Pochette 2
I combined some beautiful flower fabrics from her, and some Japanese cotton.

I made two, one is for my niece, the other is for my shop.

This pattern is very easy to make.
I made it with a tutorial of a Japanese sewing site Peachmade.
You can download the pattern and the instruction from this page, at the last. There are three PDF.(The first is instruction, the second of the pattern of large size, the last one is for small size). I'm sorry but it is only in Japanese.

Pochette 2
Pochette 1
I didn't use the pattern, but the way to make this pouch is great. It's very easy to make it.
And the alignment of the zipper is well considered.
The maker checked with her daughter, and she realized if the zipper put on the top of the pouch, it's difficult to open it for her daughter. So the pattern put the zipper a little lower place.
Pochette 1

Now I'm working on my cat pouches.
Cat eating a fish pouch, working now
See you!


Lori said...

How cute! I am sure she will love it!

HandmadeByMalle said...

beautiful sewing jobs you do..... and you are one busy sewing girl!

thanks for the links to those two cute bags ....which I for sure need to check out!

Margith said...

They are beatyful, I will try to make one.

mairuru said...

Thank you very much! (* v *)

Lisa said...

Will you still be puting one of these pouches in your shop? - I love it!

mairuru said...

Hello, Thank you very much for your comment. I've forgot it...
I list it just now! (* v *;)

Issabela said...

this bag is very nice. Congratulations from Spain

♥ maaria said...

lovelovelove these!


Honest Product Review said...

hi interesting, thank you...

bodybuilding said...

Very informative. I'll be making some juice in the near future. Passing this onto my friends. Thanks.

Unknown said...
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