Sep 15, 2009

Leather craft and stamp tags --> My new pouches!

Leather passport case
Recently I hooked leather craft and carving stamps.
In these two days, I made this passport case with two colors of leather.

I got the small pieces and they were short for the original pattern.
So I arranged the pattern a little.
Leather passport case
I enjoyed hand stitching on leather. It takes much more time than fabric, but it's fun.
Leather passport case

I liked this book because it has many detailed techniques.

And yesterday, I got stamp ink for fabric and cotton tape for stamp.
Handmade tags
So I made these tags. I ironed after stamping, so they don't disappear.
The center one is Bo-chan stamp!

I wanted to use the tags, so I made up these pouches soon.
Mug pouches
I also put leather handles on them, because I wanted to use leathers also.
Mug pouch
I liked the bottom.
Mug pouch
I love this cotton linen fabric from SWANY. It's just beautiful!

Thank you for reading.
I'm enjoying a lot!
Mug pouch


Miriam said...

More lovely work!!

I love the little pouches. The ballerina fabric is pretty!

Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

I love your pouches with handles. They remind me of teacups!

Anna said...

love the tags and the metal zippers are fabulous!

jacqueline said...

Mai, i love your lovely tags. :) These are really cute pouches. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Tretha said...

Cute pouches Mai. I like you work a lot and hope to make some of favourites soon! waiting for more,


by Connie said...

Nice new work Mai! It's beautiful. Also, I wish I could read Japanese, there are so many wonderful Japanese craft books (very clever ones). I just look at the pictures. Do you know if any of them are available or have been translated into English?

by Connie said...

Mai, I just searched via Google and found many japanese craft books that have been translated into English. =)

Katherine said...

Beautiful pouches! Your leather work looks amazing!

Céleste said...

Lovely pouches and passport case, your stamps are so cute, especially Bo-chan : D

julie said...

What scrummy little pouches.Your work is beautiful.

aliwalidoodah said...

You work so fast!
Do you have to use a special type of needle to sew with leather?

Georgie said...

I love the Bo Chan stamp!

AnaMaria said...

I love the little pouches. The fabric combinations that you use are perfect.

Isadora said...

All of them are just so perfect! Great job with the leather and the tags!

Becky said...

Mai, once again you amaze me! Such beautiful craftmanship!

Dianne B. in England said...

You always inspire me! I love your beautiful work. :-)

Peter Lynn said...

They look so precious! You do wonderful work.

I recently got that book and it's very challenging; I can't read much Japanese but it's really fun.
It'll help me with the reading, plus I get to try something new with leather. Hehe.

Question, Mai san, what kind of ink do you use for the tags?


Kyoko said...

Whaaaao! You did it!! The stitches on the leather case are so beautiful! I thought you used a sewing machine and wondered if you have it! Very exciting to see your new items, they always knock me out! :D

Yarni Gras! said...

those are toooo cute!

Carla said...

Those are so pretty! And you hand sewed them... Wow! You make such cool things.

Renee said...

The pouches remind me of coffee mugs! Very nice!

mairuru said...

Hello Ali, I got the needle for leather craft. It's not so expensive.

mairuru said...

Hello Peter Lynn,
I used Versacraft(Japanese), ink for fabrics. It doesn't disappear after you iron it.

Peter Lynn said...

I see! Thank you very much!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Your work is getting even better, if possible! Love the leather and the tags. Very nice.

danni_meringue said...

these are just fantastic! i wish i could hand sew like you!

Unknown said...

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