Sep 8, 2009

!!! Matsuri !!!

Last weekend, I went to a summer festival of a small shrine.
There were lots of people and food stalls.
This is a Yakitori(Grilled chicken) stalls.
And this is a Okonomiyaki stalls. I love it very much so we got it! It had lots of cabbage, noodle, two eggs, bacon, flour, Dashi-soup, calamari etc... Full of tastes!

There were lots of children in this stall. They were getting golden fishes with thin paper tool. It's difficult to get fishes without breaking the paper.

Cute toys and a cute girl.

The main of this festival is Mikoshi, portable shrine. The first one was brought by the school kids.
They are wearing the same costumes. They don't put shoes, only Japanese socks(We usually don't wear them, only for matsuri).

Mikoshi are not so big, but very heavy. So they got really sweaty.

I like to watch the detail of Mikoshi.
It's so beautiful and well conserved.

Many women were bringing it also and children were helping them bringing lights or paying drums.

At the end of the street, some people were playing drums. I love the beat very much so we were seeing it to the end.

I enjoyed this festival a lot. Economically, it's not in good situation but they seemed very happy, friendly and worked together happily.
I like to see smiling faces! Of course, I smiled a lot (* v *)!!!!


Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

What an amazing event! The food looks so yummy and I'm sure the drums were awesome. I love seeing pictures of different places. Thank you for sharing.

Laura Laurent said...

I wish I could go! I have always wanted to go to a japanese festival like that :) I live near San Francisco, California and there is a Japan Town there, they sometimes have festivals like that but I think it would be a lot more fun to go to a real one in Japan

Becky said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!!! I would also love to attend a festival like that!

Does "Yakitori" mean grilled chicken or does it mean grilled chicken on a stick? Chicken on a stick is one of our favorite snacks and sounds so much more exotic if we Americans could call it yakitori ;)

Amy said...

Thanks so much for sharing these lovely, interesting photos. The Okonomiyaki looks delicious--now I'm hungry!

inci said...

Dear Mai,

Thanks for the matsuri pictures! I remembered dearly that I had attenede several festivals in Japan years ago! How natsukashii those days are now!

I'm a great fan of your blog! You should know this! :)
I love your tutorials!



Zully López-Romero said...

Hi!!! This is my first time in your blog but I like it very much. I love your tutorials.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Diana said...

Thank you for sharing this with all of us! It looks like everyone had a great time.

Cookie Cutter said...

I love matsuri!I enjoy the community spirit and of course the food's yummy! Thanks for letting me experience them again through your photos!

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!!!!
The pictures are what my boyfriend took. He took more than 600 pictures at the Matsuri...

Hello Becky, Yakitori means grilled chicken on a stick. We don't call Yakitori when they are not on a stick. I'm sorry for my poor explanation...

jacqueline said...

That is such a FUN summer festival! I really wish i could go to one of these one day! Thanks for sharing this with us Mai! Oh and i love Yakitori!! Yummie! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

May said...

that sure looked like fun. oh, and the food is making my hungry. I caught part of a festival my first time in Tokyo and it was fun eats :) I can just imagine how great and yummy your festival must have been!

Gene said...

If I get the chance to visit Japan, I'll make sure to time it with one of the festivals. It's so amazing and a tourist can get an excuse to wear a yukata. And I love okonomiyaki. My friend treated me to a place in Little Tokyo on my birthday last year and I miss it.

Kitty Baby Love said...

Taiko! That looks so much fun. I wish they had festivals like this in America. They only have hotdogs and fries here :[

Anonymous said...

Lovely ...hmmm ... grilled chicken ...thanks for sharing this festival with us. I'm learning more about Japan and the lovely people
Thanks friend

Becky said...

Thanks Mai!! Your explanation is perfect! I'm happy that now I can properly use a new and foreign to me word! Thank you!

ps. I made one of your cute box shaped bags and blogged about it yesterday. Thanks for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

wow, i wish i were there to enjoy the wonderful festival