Sep 28, 2009

Miniature books and Sarubobo

My friend in the U.S. (EmiShimosato) sent me some elastics for carving stamps.
I tried one of them, and it was quite good! It's much easier than Japanese rubber what I used before. I've never tried Japanese elastics for stamp...
My stamp for my namecard
Several days ago, I made this stamp for my name cards. Before then, I hand wrote every name card and it took long time (But I enjoyed it very much).
Now, I can make my name cards with this stamp.
My stamp for my namecard

Now, I'm hooked on carving stamps, so I made these tiny books.
Miniature books
Each of them are from one piece of Origami paper. I found the tutorial in Youtube.

You need only one piece of square paper, so please try it. It's very cute!

Sarubobo stamps
Then, I hand carved some sarubobo for the books and stamped them.

Miniature books with Sarubobo stamps
I like these tiny things. Then, I wanted to put them in Sarubobo's hands.
So I made small Sarubobo for them.
Sarubobo and miniature books

I put elastics to keep their books.
Sarubobo and miniature books
Sarubobo and miniature books
But my boyfriend says it's not good because the elastics are in their stomachs. But I wanted to hide the knots...

Anyway, I enjoyed making them! Thank you very much EmiShimosato!!!!


Amy said...

These are so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh, the Sarubobo with the books are adorable! :-)

And I would love to know where to get the elastics from that your friends send you for your stamp carving. I am always looking for a good material to carve stamps with and have not found anything suitable in Germany so far. :( I don't even know what kind of tools are best.

Becky said...

So adorable Mai!!

Where does your boyfriend think the elastics should be? I guess you could put them on the back like they are carrying a backpack? But I love them just the way they are!

fleur said...

You are really amazing!

the nest said...

oh my! they are just adorable! i want to make some books now too - thank you for the inspiration. i have many small image stamps which would be just right for this project.

- annri

jojoebi-designs said...

they are so cute, you must have a lot of patience working with such tiny things.
have you tried the stamp keshigomu? you can buy it in the ¥100 store.

P.Jack said...

You did beautiful work on your do you do it? And where can I find the "elastics"? Great blog. I'm going to try to little books. Thanks for sharing. P. Jack

Miriam said...

They are lovely!! Very clever!

jacqueline said...

Lovely Mai, you inspired me to want to try craving my own stamps too. But i have yet to find any craft stores that sell these tools. Will keep looking. :) Your sarubobo bands are adorable. Love them. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

mairuru said...

The eraser is this one.
PZ Kut Grade 'A' - Orange

I'll write here how I'm carving with my cutter knife (* v *)!!!!!

mairuru said...

Hello Jojoebi,
I wanted to get it, but many people says that it's out of stock. I'm looking for it...

Thank you!

CitricSugar said...

I love your little sarubobo with their teeny tiny books! Wherever do you get your ideas? Your talent amazes me!

Mitsoukotte said...

Mai, I ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and I love it so much !!!You sound like a wonderful warm hearted, generous person and I love your creative ideas.Plus I am just crazy about Japan and everything japanese.Thanks for sharing with us, your blog is definitely among my favorite.
These lil'books are sooooo cute !
Greetings from France !!Virginie

Mitsoukotte said...

For those who are looking for a carving tool supplier :
I ordered a carving tool last week on this web wite :
They already shipped it, I should be getting it soon, I cannot wait to try carving my own stamps.Thanks again Mai, for sharing your amazing creativity.
Greetings !

The Bothered Owl said...

Those are just gorgeous! And so teeny. You constantly amaze with the range of things you can do :->

mary said...

Your creativity is boundless! I like the elastics the way you have them. Can these double as hair elastics? It would look so cute to have a sarubobo holding a pony tail.

carolaluciole said...

They are very nice, I like them and the saarubobo are just adorable.
Would you mind telling me if it's very difficult to do and how you do it,please;
I am sorry but I am french and I don't speak very good.
Thank very much.
Speak you soon.

carolaluciole said...

They is a mistake with my adress.

Cookie Cutter said...

Oh my, Sarubobo hugging the mini books are so kawaii!!

WhimsyLoft said...

that must be a lot of work Mai! wow! and the sarubobo with the elastic on the tummy... it's OK i think, looks kinda cute like they are playing hula hoops !

Jo said...

Nice work! Sarubobo tachi are so cute!

I am wondering if you could help me out with some Japanese>< I can read some Japanese, so I bought a Japanese craft book, but not sure what it means when it say 見返し, could you explain to me please?

Sorry for the trouble!

.girl ferment. said...

very adorable
glad you also enjoyed the process

mairuru said...

Hello Mary,
The elastics are for hair. It sounds cute!

mairuru said...

Hi carolaluciole,
I wrote how to make a sarubobo plush before. It's not so difficult. Please see my previous post.

mairuru said...

Hello Jo,
"見返し" is for example, flower print fabric of this picture.
It should be "facing" in my dictionary (I'm not sure...).

carolaluciole said...

hello mairuru,

I thank you very much, I found it.
They are so nice.

Jo said...

Hi Mai,

ありがとうございました! I think I get it now.. I just wasn't sure if it was a specific type of fabric that I have to use for 見返し!

misa said...

oh my.. so cute!

Care said...

These are the cutest! I love tiny things!

Lia said...

O looks really hard :) but very beautiful :)

Unknown said...

These are incredible!!!
So beautiful and perfect!


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