Sep 11, 2009

Try and Error, I made four leather straps!!!!

Yesterday, I tried to make leather straps.
Making leather straps 1

At first, I polished the back and side of the strips with glue for leather.
Making leather straps 2

Then, I tried to put cap rivets.
Making leather straps 3
It was really difficult for me. One is because my hammer is of rubber and couldn't beat well. And also because I didn't get a setter for it.
So the rivets didn't go well. I made many failed pieces...

Then, I went out to get good hammer and setter for me and retry it.
Making leather straps 4
It got much easier than before!!!! I could put the rivets well and I finished making straps.
Making leather straps 5
Making leather straps 6
The top one is what I got and the other four are what I made by myself. (At first, I cut six strips... He he...)
Now I can make my new pouches with my handmade straps (* v *)!!!!

At last, I made a little leather charm for my practice of stitching.
My first hand stitch on leather
It was difficult to cut a circle with cutter knife, and to make good stitching holes. But I'm just getting started it! It's only the beginning!

Today when I went out with my boyfriend, I got this book as a text.

I couldn't find it in
This is written by a woman who is from Yoshida & PORTER).
Text book for beginners
She wrote detailed instruction and basic information using lots of pictures.
I try to make this passport case at first.
Text book for beginners
I hope it appears well and I can post here about it...

Thank you very much for reading!
Have a good weekend to you all!


Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo ..... good for you ... try and try until you get it right.
You're improving with the new things.
Thanks for sharing and good weekend to you. I enjoy reading your blog
Mena :)

Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

good job! I love seeing your work. It inspires me!

Becky said...

Mai, you really have a magical touch! I do enjoy your blog and inspiration very much.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Kelvin Yamaguti said...

Hi May!
Great job!!! Your work is the best! ;)
I went here because I really need your help.
I am participating in the program Minicompany of Junior Achievement.
In there, We're making pillows with recycled materials.
I need to promote our company.
It's fast! I swear!
To help me, go to my blog on post Almoon S.A/E( to copy the logo, links to blog, website, blogs, etc. and sticking you in a blog post (can be) and / or the corner of the blog!
I would be very happy and grateful to you!
This is really important to me!
Hugs and good folds.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Mai! Love your charm!

A question - how do you add youtube video to the post?

Have a great weekend!

Katarina said...

Wow, this looks great. I'm sure it's much cheaper too and you can have the exact same colour on the strap as on your purse.
Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

Renee said...

Thanks for the Obi measurements that is exactly what I needed! Now I need to find fabric that matches and then I'll post a picture of my boy in the kimono. I wonder if my Dad has a photo of himself in it. That would be really cool.

The leather straps look great. I have never tried to do anything with leather. Maybe I'll see if my fabric store has the hardware. Inspiring.

Robyn said...

Neat! What does the name of that book translate to in English?

mairuru said...

Hello Tatyana,
You can see the code on the right side of the video. I only paste it!

mairuru said...

Hello Robyn, it should be, maybe,
"Making hand stitching leather bags" or so.

Ali said...

Mai - you have such patience in learning new things! These straps are wonderful.