Jun 7, 2009

A book from my favorite fabric shop in Kamakura

One of my favorite fabric shops is SWANY, in Kamakura, a little far from Tokyo.
They have beautiful fabrics and in their shop, they put many samples made with their fabrics.
We can get one pattern per purchases of 1000 yen (Approx. 10 dollars).
Their patterns are always beautiful and very useful.
Here you can find the patterns they have in their shop.
Swany patterns

Yesterday, when I was walking with my boyfriend, I found their first bag sewing book and I cannot help without buying it.
Swany bag sewing book
This is the book!

When I came back home, I began to make this bag with a little arranged pattern.
Swany bag sewing book
Their way to make bags is very simple and easy to make.

I want to make these also.
Swany bag sewing book
Swany bag sewing book

They also have kits for all the bags in the book. (But a little expensive...)
Swany bag sewing book

Their fabrics are not so cheap, so I like to shop in a floor full of their outlet fabrics (* v *).

I wanted to show you my favorite shop. Thank you!



Francesca said...

Beautiful. Thank you very much for giving us a glimpse on the beautiful things - patterns and fabrics - you have available over there! Hope you finished that bag.

jacqueline said...

Thank you for sharing with us your favorite shop! I really enjoyed myself reading this post. Hope you had a great weekend and love to yoU!

Marisunnychan said...

thanks for sharing these pictures!! aren't you lucky!!! such a nice shop!

gayle said...

Such wonderful patterns! Thank you for sharing.

Mel Makes Pretty said...

I just bought that book from our only Japanese book store, two days ago. I saw it and fell in love. There are sooo many lovely patterns. I don't read japanese but will muddle my way through.
I love your blog and all the fabrics you use.

mairuru said...

Oh, you got it!
If you have any questions about it, I can tell you!
The shop is really beautiful. I like swany!

shiurprati said...

Can Iorder this book in Amazone?
What its name?


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