Jun 15, 2009

Sarubobo patchwork cloth and coasters

I made some sarubobo in this weekend.
Sarubobo holds patchwork cloth
I put four of them on the patchwork cloth what I made in the same way as my patchwork furoshiki.
They holds four corners so you can use it to cover something. So I made the cloth smaller than my usual furoshiki.
Sarubobo holds patchwork cloth

And I put other four sarubobo on my patchworks coasters.
Sarubobo holds coaster
I put elastic on their hands to keep the coasters. They can stand with coasters (* v *).
Sarubobo holds coaster
Sarubobo holds coaster

I wanted to put something in their hands.
(* v *)!

And today, I sold my 300th item on ETSY.
I feel happy so I made a petit gift for her and put it in the package.
I knew she got some Japanese fabrics from other shops (from her feedbacks), so I put some Japanese fabrics. And I put my sarubobo in it (* v *).
I hope she likes them.
Petit gift for my customer

And this is my favorite sarubobo made with Nordic flower printed cotton.
They have a button flower (* v *).
Hana bobo
Hana bobo


Unknown said...

it's so cute...your sarubobo's images give me a good start week ^_^

Lucy C said...

The coaster holders are too cute - what a lovely idea, thanks for sharing.

MJHill said...

You could make a cloth napkin set with sarubobo napkin rings! How cute! I love the little dolls :)

Nihal said...

Girl you are crazy!
I loved them all so much!!

Kitty Baby Love said...

I love all the creative sarubobo uses you find! Coaster holder is so so cute :)

golonghorns said...

You work is so beautiful! I saw you from one pretty thing. Have you thought about making a mobile with your sarubobo? Have you ever found your chili beans? Wish I could get some to you somehow!

Neko said...

Beautiful work mai! love your coasters especially!
Neko xo

karin said...

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I really enjoy reading and looking at all the creative things you come up with. Those sarubobo's are very cute!

mairuru said...

Hello golonghorns,
Thank you very much for your idea! I've made two hanging objects with sarubobo, but think more.
I sometimes cook chili beans, but they don't come out like what I ate in the U.S. Maybe mine is too light.

myfuroshiki said...

I've never seen sarubobos before - so cute and so well made :)

Veronica said...

You do such beautiful work, and your tutorials are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing, you're a real inspiration =)

Jaya P said...

i found you at one pretty thing, and i have sat and read your whole blog.. it is so inspiring and honest and beautiful, i love your style!

Kyoko said...

This is what you were talking about!! How fun they are!!

june at noon (Gretchen) said...

I think you're really on to something with the sarubobo ideas!