Jun 12, 2009

Sarubobo pincushion and D.I.Y. kit for it

Bobo helps you pincushion
My friend, EmiShimosato(http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=13887) gave me an idea to make a pincushion with Sarubobo.

So I made them!
Bobo helps you pincushion

It's very small and simple pattern. I could make one in less than one hour.
So I decided to make a D.I.Y. kit for the pincushion.
Sarubobo helps you pincushion making kit
I wrote a step-by-step tutorial with illustrations. My advantage should be hand stitching so I wanted to write it by my hand (* v *)!

And the pattern is also handwritten and hand cut by me!
Sarubobo helps you pincushion making kit
I'm really enjoying to make this kit. It's fun to think the matching of the fabrics, thread and the button.
Sarubobo helps you pincushion making kit

Thank you very much for EmiShimosato and everyone who gave me a comment for my sarubobo!
Bobo helps you pincushion


Adel said...

Your pincushion tutorial looks gorgeous!I found your Sarubobo tutorial a few days ago and I made one THANKS TO YOU :D

Nadine said...

I've been looking at your Sarubobo every time you post pictures, and I LOVE them! Hurry and put the kit on Etsy so I can buy one!

sheppy said...

I dreamt about your Sarubobos last night and can't wait until I can grab a kit.

Thanks so much.

Issabela said...

I like your blog. Congratulations from Spain

MamaKnits2Much said...

What a great idea. I love it!

Kyoko said...

Whaao, thank you so much! I am looking forward to receiving them :D (I have just made a purchase!)

Kelvin Yamaguti said...

Hi Mairuru!
My name is Kelvin Yamaguti! I loved your blog so much!
I'm from Brazil, and I have an origami blog.
Go to: http://yamaorigami.blogspot.com

Your sarubobo is so cute and funny!
My mother makes one!
Thanks to you!
P.S. Sorry if my english isn't good! I speak japanese, but my computer is so worse today.
It's doesn't write the japanese letters! ¬¬

SHEN said...

q increibles se ven me gusta muchisimo tu blog , mucha suerte.

kris said...

So perfectly cute! I really love your choice of fabrics - very quirky!

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!
Last night, I sold three kits! I hope they (Nadine!) can enjoy making.

I'll make more.

mairuru said...

Hello Kelvin,
Oh, your English is good, if my English is good. (* v *)!

june at noon (Gretchen) said...

These are great. I think they're my favorite so far! (I'm the blogger formerly known as Muddlepud!)

Anonymous said...

o soo pretty, and reading your blog makes me miss japan. went to tokyo for a short break last may

chia from indonesia

Sol said...

OMG I want one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi May,
I hope I find you well :)
Could you please let me know if / how can I purchase a Sarabubu kit?
I've tried making ones my self but could really use some guidance..

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu and I really really admire your art!


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