Sep 1, 2009

New pouches with leather straps and cats.

I got some leather straps recently.
They are only 9 inches long, so it fits only small wallet or pouch.
So yesterday I made these pouches.
Petit pouch with leather strap

At first I wondered how I close the pouch. With a zipper or a flap?
Then I thought of drawstring.
I wanted to make a little fat shape one.
Petit pouch with leather strap

I used thick cotton linen fabric to make the bottom sharp.
Then made two fabric covered buttons to decorate it. It's fun to think a new design, isn't it?
Petit pouch with leather strap

When I finished making it, I really liked the shape (* v *)!!!!!
Petit pouch with leather strap

It can hold only change wallets, cell phones or some candies. I think it's good for kids also.
Petit pouch with leather strap

This was very easy to make. I'd like to write here the instruction to make this type of pouch.
Petit pouch with leather strap

When I went out yesterday, I saw some cute cats.
I like his/her cute face very much!!!!
Funny face cat

He/she run away soon after I took this picture.
A cat watching me

Sleeping like my boyfriend...
A cat sleeping

I also went to see Bo-chan and he was sleeping well too.

Have a good day!
I didn't realize at first...


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Mai (it's now 12.10 in the afternoon)
Gosh those new pouches are soooo beautiful.
I love the cats too
I really love reading your blog and look forward to the new things you create
Thanks for making me happy like this
Have a good week
Mena :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I just re-read your comments. You did say what can be put in the new pouches ;) Thanks.
Yes, I agree that they will be suitable for children

sheppy said...

thank you again Mai for another beautiful post - your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Where did you find those beautiful leather straps?

Look forward to your tutorial, as always.


Isabel Leyva said...

preciosos los bolsos

Skebba said...

Oh boy are those bags ever cute. And I love your round up of kitties!

Tatkis said...

This bags are so nice! And I like the cat with blue eyes :)) Thanks a lot!

carly k said...

Yes, please write up the directions for these pouches! They are darling!

jacqueline said...

Mai, these pouches are gorgeous and so cute! Would love for you to write a tutorial on these cute little pouches! Thank you in advance. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

julie said...

Another great project you have made. The bags are just so darling.

Corvus said...

Those are lovely. The shape is quite fantastic.

Nina said...

Those pouches [and cats] are adorable! Oh I can't wait for the tutorial! :)

Isadora said...

The pouches are really cute and original, definitely a great idea!
I loved the cats, I have three and they make me very happy!

kariwhite said...

Love your design! The drawstring was a clever idea and the shape is fabulous. :)

I really enjoy your posts.

FullertonRegan said...

Beautiful little bags! You're so talented. It's so generous of you to make tutorials of your work. XOXO

Grace said...

hey mai, i agree with the rest... they are REALLY CUTE!

Unknown said...

Very cute purses :)

mairuru said...

Thank you very much for your all comments!
I got these straps from one of Japanese online shops. It's not so expensive and beautiful.

Adel said...

Your bags, like all your other items, are gorgeous!

Mom Wald said...

Your little bags came out so nicely! All of the little details are so special.

The first cat with the cute face looks like his eyes are crossed. Our little girl had crossed eyes when she was a baby, and she was cute too!

Bumbelbee said...

Hi, I love cats too!
I discovere your blog and I'm under de charm of your creations!
See you soon
Have a good week
Christine (from France)

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